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Democrats Bank on Biden's Big Moves to Boost Midterm Chances as He Claims 'MAGA Republicans Are Destroying America'


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Congressional Democrats are counting on a burst of activity by the Biden administration to boost their chances in the midterm elections.

From Biden's move to forgive student debt to the $740 billion measure on climate change, health care costs, and massively expanding the IRS, the president and his allies are claiming victories. However, it's unclear if the fallout from these initiatives will help or hurt come Election Day.

Democrats hope these policy victories can give them momentum when voters head to the polls in November, but Republicans say Biden's agenda is pushing voters their way instead.   
Biden is hitting the campaign trail to make the case why midterm voters should send more Democrats to Washington. "We must be stronger, more determined, and more committed to saving America than the MAGA Republicans are destroying America," declared Biden at an event last week.  
In recent weeks, Biden signed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, forgave billions of student loan debt, reinforced protections against deportation for DACA recipients, and signed executive orders to expand abortion access.  
"It's our job to get the message out, but if we do I think it will help," Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) told CBN News' Faith Nation.    
Khanna told CBN News he believes these moves will boost Democrats at the polls and that the party should support Biden's bid for a second term.   
"He has led well, he has passed the American Rescue plan, the largest infrastructure bill since Eisenhower, the Inflation Reduction Act which is going to bring manufacturing back to the country, so he will have my support," Khanna said. 
Tyler Lee, a GOP candidate running for Congress in North Carolina's 12th District, believes the opposite.  
"What the Democrats are legislating right now is certainly helping us for November 8th," Lee said. 
He contends voters aren't on board with policies like forgiving student loan debt.  
"I have not heard one voter yet even on the Democratic side or unaffiliated side say that they're for this," continued Lee. "I think everyone is aware that it's just so bogus what they're doing and trying to buy themselves votes, but it's just not flying in District 12." 
Lee says personally, he plans to pay off his student loans and doesn't support the debt forgiveness.  
"Some people decide to go to college, some people don't, and it's just not fair to make someone else pay for something that I chose to do," explained Lee. 
Nathan Gonzales, Editor and Publisher of Inside Elections, tells CBN News what matters is how voters feel about Biden's policies two months from now.  
"Ultimately, it matters whether these policies help people in their daily life," said Gonzales. "It's not just enough to pass something, by the time we get to November I think people will take a look and say, 'Did this help me? Does this help me in my daily life?' And until we get there we're not going to know the answer."  

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