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Ben Shapiro's Candid Take on Transgenderism, 'Safe Zones,' and Faith


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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump caused a media firestorm last week by announcing plans to reinstate the military's transgender ban via Twitter. His tweets aggravated a host of trending narratives about gender orientation, free speech, and religion.

While it is still unclear how Trump's ban will be implemented, social media has been quick to label the president as being "hateful" and "bigoted" towards the transgender community.

Political commentator Ben Shapiro weighed in on the controversy, suggesting a double standard was at play.

"The fact is that Barack Obama campaigned in 2008 against gay marriage – and by the time we hit 2012, anybody who was against gay marriage was a bigoted homophobe. This is the way that it works. Democrats are allowed to be against something and then for something, but if you're later than the Democrats on that issue then you're left out in the cold," he said.


Meanwhile, in testimony on Capitol Hill last week, Shapiro identified a dangerous censorship trend seen across college campuses: safe zones.

"There's an enormous group of people on the Left who now identify verbiage with violence," he said.

Shapiro continued by describing this narrative: "If I don't like something that you say and I have an emotional reaction to it and it causes me stress and I have a physical reaction, well that's actually you doing harm to me, and now I am justified in using physical violence to prevent you from causing further harm to me."

Along with political commentary, Shapiro speaks of his faith and his hope that America be rescued from secular tendencies and restored to its Christian roots.

"I hope and pray that there is a restoration of belief in a God-driven Judeo-Christian value system that provides the undergirding for a social fabric that we can all share together," he said.

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