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The 2020 Campaign Begins: Trump, Biden Hold Dueling Press Conferences


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The race for the White House is heating up as President Trump and his 2020 rival Joe Biden sparred, Tuesday during dueling press conferences.

The handling of the coronavirus outbreak was one of the key differences the two battled over.

"We have to get the schools open. We have to get everything open. A lot of people don't want to do that for political reasons, not for other reasons," Trump said from the Rose Garden.

"Mr. President, 'Open everything, now,' isn't a strategy for success, it's barely a slogan. Quit pushing the false choice between protecting our health and protecting our economy," Biden fired off. "Please listen to your public health experts instead of denigrating them. Do your job, Mr. President," he continued. 

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Trump's press conference started out announcing he'd signed measures dealing with China.

"Today, I signed legislation and an executive order to hold China accountable for its oppressive actions against the people of Hong Kong," he said.

But he quickly switched over to slamming Biden's record there.

"As Vice President, Biden opposed tariffs. And he was standing up for China, didn't want to do anything to disrupt the relationship with China, even though China was taking us to the cleaners. He opposed my very strict travel ban on Chinese nationals to stop the spread of the China virus," Trump continued.

Biden's press conference, meanwhile, was meant to announce his policy on climate change, but he too made sure to focus in on his rival.

"When Donald Trump thinks about climate change, the only word he can muster is hoax. When I think about climate change, the word I think of is jobs," Biden said.

Trump responded to Biden's climate change proposals by accusing him of going "radical left" and aligning his campaign with progressive leaders in the Democratic party.

"There's never been a time like this, where you've had an election of people so different," Trump said.

He and Biden are focusing in on the fast-changing states of Georgia and Texas this week. The Biden campaign announcing new television and online ads set to be released in Texas, focusing on families hit hard by the pandemic.

Trump, meanwhile, heads to Georgia today to announce a new infrastructure policy.

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