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The Queering of Kids TV: 259 LGBTQ Characters in Children's Animation as Producers Actively Push Agenda

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A new report reveals LGBTQ producers are actively working behind the scenes in children's programming to push LGBTQ characters and storylines in animated cartoons to target young eyes and minds with their agenda.

The Insider reports transgender and nonbinary characters are increasingly being represented within animated kids' shows. At present, the website found 259 LGBTQ characters in children's animation, or 5% when compared to cisgender characters who make up 49%. 

One example of the recent rise in LGBTQ characters within animated programs is the Netflix series "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" which includes several new characters who are identified as nonbinary, trans, and other gender minorities. The nonbinary character, who is named Double Trouble, has created quite a splash, including a promotional profile from the Los Angeles Times

Children's shows created and run by LGBTQ producers are largely responsible for the influx of nonbinary and trans characters appearing in children's animated programs, according to the Insider

The website also noted that among the 10 animated kids series that feature the most LGBTQ characters, trans, nonbinary, and queer creators account for 65% of that representation alone.

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As CBN News has reported, even though only 5.6% of U.S. adults identify as LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender), according to a Gallup poll in February, the push by LGBTQ creatives to normalize the homosexual and transgender lifestyle to the entire younger audience continue. 

In recent years, children have been targeted repeatedly with the LGBTQ agenda in animated stories and other so-called family entertainment.  

In June, the children's cable network Nickelodeon, owned by ViacomCBS, cast its first openly transgender teenage actor to star in a live-action kids' series.

The 13-year-old Sasha Cohen, who was born female but now identifies as male, appeared in the June 19 episode of "Danger Force," according to Variety.

As CBN News has reported, the Walt Disney Company, which was a bastion of family entertainment for decades, has made headlines over the past few years for promoting LGBTQ elements in its television programming. 

In June, the Disney+ streaming platform labeled the character Loki from its Marvel series as "gender-fluid". 

In late May, Disney+ began streaming the latest film in Pixar Animation Studios' SparkShorts series, Out, which highlights a gay man named Greg, who plans to move in with his boyfriend, Manuel. 

During the same month, Disney also announced it was revamping its 20-year-old animated series "The Proud Family" and the reboot will center on two multiethnic, gay dads and their adopted teenage daughter, who is a racial activist.

The company also began marketing a series of clothes and toys decorated with the LGBT rainbow flag before the countdown to Pride Month (June). Disney announced it was donating funds to organizations around the world that promote LGBTQ+ communities.

Such moves have not gone unnoticed by conservatives.  

California-based Pastor John MacArthur seemingly condemned Disney during a sermon in May. He rebuked the brand for creating "characters that are transgender to seduce children into accepting wickedness as normal."

"Children are under a relentless assault by all the forces of evil, and they are defenseless," he said. "And we have a society and a culture that wants to make sure that those who are pumping out this destruction are free to keep doing it without restraint."

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