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Palestinian Declare ‘Day of Rage’, Incite Violence in Response to Peace Plan Announcement

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Palestinian leaders are allegedly urging their people to have a violent uprising in response to President Donald Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian “Deal of the Century” set to be released Tuesday.

The deal, which is expected to heavily favor Israel, has been rejected by Palestinian leaders who say it ignores “the national rights of the Palestinian people.”

The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the Palestinian Authority, and Fatah have declared Tuesday a “day of rage” and potentially violence.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Movement posted a photo on Facebook of a Palestinian throwing a rock in a burning city with the caption: “We will redeem you with our blood, #Palestine.”

The PLO also urged Palestinians to “take all the necessary steps to encourage and escalate the resistance and the struggle against the occupation in all its forms and manners,” according to a report in the official PA daily Al-Hadat Al-Jadida.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an Israeli nongovernmental group, says Palestinian leaders usually use words like “escalate the resistance” as a euphemism for martyrdom and violence.

Another article in Al-Hadat Al-Jadida says the PLO members have “discussed ways of intensifying the popular resistance,” another phrase PMW says refers to violence and terror.

Palestinian leaders have made their position clear: they are not interested in Trump’s peace plan.

To illustrate this, Fatah posted on Facebook a picture of a Palestinian rock thrower and Trump with the caption: “No to the deal of the century.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rival Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz met separately with Trump ahead of the peace deal announcement. The plan, which both leaders call “historic” has the potential to have a long-lasting impact on the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians.

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