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OurCrowd Startups Expect to See Hiring Spree Taper Off in 2022

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JERUSALEM, Israel - OurCrowd, a Jerusalem-based crowdfunding investment platform for high-tech startups, says it saw a major surge in demand for new employees in the last year but expects recruitment to taper off in 2022.

According to new numbers from OurCrowd’s High-Tech Jobs Index, the demand for new hires at its portfolio companies soared 244% from Q3 2020 to Q3 2021.

Sixty-five percent of OurCrowd startups said they increased their hiring in the past quarter, but say they plan on scaling back in 2022.

“It is encouraging to see that startups continue to tap the considerable talent pool in the periphery,” Laly David, OurCrowd Partner and Head of Business Development, said in a statement.

Software engineering is the most highly valued skill in the industry, representing 20% of openings by OurCrowd portfolio companies.

OurCrowd plans to help match quality hires to its startup companies by hosting its first-ever virtual job fair in January.

The Jobs Index also showed how the pandemic is also changing how people work. While many countries have lifted lockdown restrictions, 81% of OurCrowd startups say their employees with continue working partially from home next year.

“As we see this trend taking hold, those same companies are also content in letting staff members from the periphery work from home, saving them the long commute to the office and increasing their overall productivity,” said David. “The tech industry is leading the way to what might lead to a permanent change in the employment landscape in Israel.”

OurCrowd prides itself in being the “world’s largest venture investing platform” and regularly connects US investors to the best and brightest in the Israeli tech industry.

"Our Crowd is the world's largest crowdfunding for startup platform,” Founder Jonathan Medved previously told CBN News.  “It's for accredited investors, people who have some resources. In the US you have to have a million dollars in assets outside of your home. But if you do, you go to OurCrowd and you can choose start-ups that you'd like to invest in. We're finding these companies. We then arrange an investment round and then we invite the crowd to join us."

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