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Meet the NFL Quarterback Who Heard the Voice of God and Saved Three Lives


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Derek Carr, the award-winning quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, was quietly enjoying a church service when God called an audible.

It was during the altar call when he says the Holy Spirit gave him a powerful word of knowledge.

"The Holy Spirit tells me someone in here is going to commit suicide unless you say something," Carr says in a Facebook video that has more than 900,000 views on the Holy Spirit Lifestyle page.


Carr did not respond immediately, but started to question if he really heard the voice of God.

He thought to himself: "Am I really going to stand up here as the pastor is giving an altar call and be like, 'Hey, someone is going to commit suicide,' and no one comes up?' It takes a lot of obedience to get up there and do that."

Carr decided to be obedient and went to the front of the church and told the audience he knew someone was planning on taking their life that night.

"For someone in here, it got so hard, to where you were going to end your life and kill yourself and commit suicide tonight," Carr recalls saying. "I'm just here to tell you Jesus loves you, that I love you, and that he has a plan for your life."

Sure enough, a man at the altar pointed to himself.

"He came up and was just balling his eyes out just standing there," Carr says. "

As the two men prayed together, another man told Carr's brother that he also was planning on killing himself that night and asked for prayer.

The event eventually ended and Carr was getting ready to leave when a third man approached him and confessed that he, too, was planning on committing suicide.

"I had never met these three people in my life and I just told them how much I love them, how much God loved them, how much Jesus loved them."

While some may view what happened that night as extraordinary, Carr says it's simple.

"All I was doing was being obedient," he concludes.

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