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'I See Us in the Middle of Prophecy!' Mike Evans Has 30M Evangelicals Praying for Jerusalem


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Few Evangelical leaders in America have such a close connection to Jerusalem as Michael Evans.  Evans established the Jerusalem Prayer Team that has brought together more than 30 million evangelicals to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Evans also founded the Friends of Zion Museum.  It’s a state of the art museum bringing together the latest technology to tell the history and heroes of Christian Zionists who played a key role in the founding of the modern state of Israel. 

December 6th marked a special day for Evans.  U.S. President Donald Trump announced that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish state.  We talked with Evans at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference about what the day meant to him. 

While it’s historic and prophetic, Evans says President Trump’s decision is also strategic. Trump has been building along with Israel a strategic alliance with the Sunni nations of the Middle East like Saudi Arabia.  The alliance stands as a bulwark against the growing expansion of Iran that seeks to dominate the Middle East. 

"Donald Trump did more to build the Sunni alliance in one week than all American Presidents did in their lifetimes, and the Crown Prince is now an ally of Israel and an ally of Donald Trump and helping. We need the Sunni alliance especially in light of Iran so it was absolutely genius on Trump's part," he said.

Evans believes how Trump is implementing these policy changes both recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and yet preserves the alliance at the same time.   

Seventy years ago, President Harry Truman against the advice of his own State Department and many of his advisors recognized the nascent state of Israel. 

President Trump seems to be taking a page from Truman and Evans compares him to King Cyrus in the Bible who helped Israel in ancient times. Evans also says we’re in the middle of prophecy. 

"I will see President Trump Monday. I will be in the White House on Monday and the first word I'm going to send to him, 'Cyrus, you're Cyrus. Because you've done something historic and prophetic,' and he promised us he would do it," Evans said. 

"He (Cyrus) saved the Jewish people. He was used as an instrument of God for deliverance in the Bible and God has used this imperfect vessel, this flawed human being like you or I, this imperfect vessel and he's using him in an incredible, amazing way to fulfill his plans and purposes. We are so happy.  We couldn't be happier and as somebody who has wanted and prayed and hoped for this for more than forty years, I see us in the middle of prophecy right now," he said. 

"This is the beginning of wonderful things. Finally we have a leader with moral clarity who will do the right thing and the righteous thing.  And by the way, he's told us over and over only two forces put me in the Presidency, God and the Evangelicals and I'll never forget that," he continued.

Evans has put a 40 foot banner on his Friends of Zion museum in Jerusalem to support the President.  He believes Trump’s decision will bless America since promises that God will bless those who bless the Jewish people.  He also says it’s vital to be praying for the peace of Jerusalem.     

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