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How the Pastor Who Looks Like Steve Harvey Wowed Family Feud Producers


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The Steve Harvey look-alike and Raleigh pastor who's appearance went viral on the Internet says the family's crazy submission video opened the door for all that followed.

Watch CBN News's interview with Pastor Olden Thornton and the family's submission video above.

Pastor Olden Thornton thought it would be fun to pretend to be Steve Harvey in the video and little did he know that it was his performance that caused producers to bring them on the show andmove them to the front of the line.

Thornton is pastor of Raleigh International Church and a dead-wringer for the comedian and game-show host. He says not a day goes by that someone doesn't call him "Steve Harvey."

"Every single day of my life people come up to me and call me Steve Harvey," he told Harvey on the show. "And I don't even have your money!"

"I think I should get compensated or something," Thornton kidded.

He did make the most of the resemblance by submitting a video where he acted the role of Steve Harvey and proclaimed that he should be the real host of "Family Feud."

The video opened the door to his family's appearance and landed them in the front of the line, Thornton told CBN News.

He also spoke about Harvey's inspirational talks and generosity to the audience, as well as having to dodge some not so easy questions for a pastor.

Ever the preacher, Thornton brought it home by telling CBN News that America is in time of decision.

"Either you will be on the Lord's side" or not, he said.

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