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'God's Not Dead': Hollywood Actor Opens Up About Starring in His First Christian Film


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Before taking on the role of Adam in the latest installment of the "God's Not Dead" film franchise, actor Mike C. Manning spent his time in the heart of Hollywood.
The MTV star is known for his roles in "The Real World DC" and "Teen Wolf" as well as Disney Channel's "Cloud 9," but recently decided to take a leap of faith with his first Christian film, "God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness."
Manning told The Christian Post that Christianity has played a major role in his life and he just wanted this role to reflect that.
"There have been many times where I've turned to God for help and guidance and support, and He was there for me through those struggles," Manning said.
He went on to say that Christianity is about love and kindness and living the example of Jesus but that worldly things often distract others from that.
"I think the world today is in need of healing. You have different sides fighting each other and refusing to listen," Manning noted. "The media is less and less about educating us than it is about giving us 'ammunition' to fight the other side."
"I think this film points that out — that as long as you are yelling, you're not listening," he said. "I think for Pure Flix to create a film like this, who as a company is quickly becoming a 'go to' place for faith-based entertainment, was admirable."
Manning noted that his role as the bad guy turned good in the Pure Flix film is one role that's had the biggest impact on him.
"For me, when accepting an acting job it's always about the character and the story first. As a 'good guy in a bad situation,' I felt like the character of Adam immediately spoke to me," Manning explained.
"I am beyond proud to be part of a film that holds the message of helping others, forgiveness, growth and making it okay to ask for help," he continued. "My character, Adam, is a completely different person in the end of the film than he was in the beginning, and that transformation is largely because those closest to him helped him through hard times, forgave him and didn't turn away when things became difficult."
"I can definitely relate that to my own life and hope that when others watch the film, they can too," he added.
The Pure Flix film hit theatres on Easter this year, bringing in more than $2 million during opening weekend.

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