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Crowdfunded Faith-Based Nature Documentary Series 'The Riot and the Dance' Celebrates the Creator and His Creation


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The producers of The Riot and the Dance have teamed up with Angel Studios for the distribution of its multi-part nature documentary series intended to show God's hand in the beauty that surrounds us.

The faith-based series showcases the vast and beautifully intricate planet while explaining to viewers that it was intentionally designed by the Divine Creator.

The show's host, Dr. Gordon Wilson, who's also a scientist and devout Christian, told The Christian Post (CP) that working on the project was a "dream come true."

"For a scientist and animal lover, there's nothing like adventuring in the field. And now, thanks to our fantastic production crew, I can bring millions of families along for the ride, celebrating creation and the Artist behind every fantastic critter," he told CP in a statement.

"Faith-based nature docs have never had space in the industry," he added. "I'm still amazed that such a shake-up is really happening, and I'm beyond blessed to be a part of it."  

The Riot and the Dance is crowdfunded like the hit series The Chosen.  As of Friday, the producers had raised more than $277,000 toward the goal of $1 million for production costs.

The series is supported by several celebrities who are Christians, including Kirk Cameron, Kanye West, and The Chosen creator, Dallas Jenkins. 

In a video promoting the series, Jenkins said, "What I love about this series is both what it isn't and what it is. So what it isn't, is some sort of conspiracy theory or an 'us versus them' thing or a sermon series, but what it is, is twofold." 

"Number one, it's a look what God did, like, check out what God did," he added. "Let's learn about it. Let's engage with it. Let's teach our kids to love it more and to nurture it more. But then, also, it becomes a celebration. It's like a worship experience. I feel like I love God more and want to worship Him more because of all the amazing things that this documentary series is showing me." 

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Cameron called the nature series "amazing." 

"Wilson and Angel Studios are bringing together an incredible TV series that is going to thrill you, inspire you, and get you so excited," Cameron pointed out on the series website. "Your family is going to love it!" 

Jon Erwin, director of the film "I Can Only Imagine," described the nature series as family-friendly entertainment. 

"It shows that God's fingerprints are all over the world. I think it is something your whole family will enjoy," he said. "I'm backing it and I think you should back it too." 

Rapper Kanye West allowed the show creators to use his song "Selah" for its trailer. 

To find out more, visit the series' website

This story was originally published on September 2, 2021.

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