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'Blew My Mind': Colton Dixon Talks About His Real-Life Miracle and Trusting God in Storms


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Christian singer Colton Dixon has built an incredibly successful career over the past decade since ranking in the top 10 on the eleventh season of “American Idol.”

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Dixon, who appears in a Pure Flix show titled “Live+Local,” recently opened up to CBN’s Faithwire about his music, parenting his young twins, a real-life miracle he witnessed, and much more.

Balancing Family and Career

The singer, who alongside wife Annie welcomed twin daughters Ava Dior and Athens Elizabeth in 2020, said he’s learned a lot over the past two years about “balancing family and career.”

“Learning to say ‘no’ more often, even if they’re opportunities because I know that when I say ‘yes’ to something, I’m ultimately saying ‘no’ to being at home with my family,” Dixon said. “So that’s something that we really pray about, we weigh.”

The singer said he and his wife often turn to prayer to seek God for the opportunities they should consider.

“It comes back to that whole thing of … not settling for good or better when you can have His best,” he said.

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A Real-Life Miracle

Dixon also reflected on a story he has shared before — a real-life miracle surrounding the birth of his girls. His wife carried the babies with no problems for 38 weeks in 2020, but something went wrong during a C-section: Dior was born without a pulse.

It was a moment Dixon said required “faith over fear” as he and Annie began to pray amid the immediate chaos in the delivery room.

“God, we’re believing that You’re going to step in and Your plan for her life is going to come to fruition, not the enemy’s plan over her life, which is to steal, kill, and destroy,” they prayed.

Thankfully, Dior came through and is a happy and healthy baby nearly two years later.

“We were full-on preachers in that operating room. … We were praying into it, and whether He reached down directly or worked through the doctors and nurses, but she’s good.”

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Noah's Ark: Having Trust Above All Else

Dixon also talked about his new song “Build a Boat,” a tune the singer said is all about “having faith even in a dry season.” Dixon reflected on Noah and the ark in discussing the song’s scriptural lessons.

“Take the story of Noah. I think Hollywood gets this story wrong a lot of the times. There’s this big back and forth between Noah and God of him saying he doesn’t want to do it,” Dixon said. “But the Bible depicts the story really simply. It says God asked Noah to build an ark and Noah was obedient.”

That obedience was convicting to Dixon.

“I don’t know if the Bible would depict some of the crazy things God’s asked me to do over the years as ‘Colton was obedient,'” he said. “It challenged me to go, ‘You know what? Even though faith can look crazy, sometimes, I think that there’s a reward waiting on the other side of crazy faith. I think God is trying to get something to you. He’s not just asking you to do it because He feels like it.'”

Dixon said God knows His plan for each person and, as Scripture proclaims, the Lord seeks to prosper, not harm, and give hope for the future.

Seeing God come through time and again has inspired Dixon to step out in faith more often — even when he doesn’t feel like it.

“That’s where faith comes in. I’m gonna step out. I’m gonna have faith,” he said. “And even if it means building a boat in this desert.”

God’s Faithfulness

In addition to trusting God in the delivery room that day, Dixon has had to rely on God’s faithfulness in other matters, including the constraints COVID-19 placed on travel, concerts, and his income.

In some ways, 2020 and 2021 were tough for the singer.

“Even a year like that, where one of my primary sources of income was just halted and touring … it’s where rubber meets the road,” he said, noting how he prayed to God during that time: “You’re my Provider. … It’s not in my job title, or the amount of shows that we play in a year, or a hit song with royalties. It’s none of that — it’s ‘You are our Provider.'”

Dixon said he trusted in God during that difficult time, and God consistently and remarkably provided for him and his family.

“It just kind of blew my mind,” he said. “And I knew exactly where it came from.”

Watch Dixon discuss all of this and more in his latest interview with CBN’s Faithwire.


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