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'Armed and Dangerous': Beth Moore & Christine Caine Prayer-Walk, Anoint Priscilla Shirer Before Lung Surgery


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Christian leaders Beth Moore and Christine Caine joined in prayer for Priscilla Shirer during her lung surgery Monday, saying they were "armed and dangerous" with anointing oil to pray for their sister in Christ.

Shirer revealed on Facebook last week that doctors would be removing an entire lobe from her left lung due to "dangerous irregularities."

"Several pulmonary specialists and I have watched it meticulously since then. This past summer, it was clear that something surgical needed to be done as the nodule had begun to grow and show signs of dangerous irregularities," she wrote.
The morning of Shirer's procedure, Moore and Caine shared on Instagram that they were planning to prayer-walk the Dallas hospital to fight a spiritual battle for their friend. 

"In the cab on the way to the hospital where our friend is having surgery. Armed and dangerous," Moore wrote on Instagram. "And yes we will no doubt march around the hospital 7 times like it's Jericho. We may stop short of praise dancing with banners in the waiting room."

The ladies explain that they are armed with a Bible and anointing oil to bless Shirer with their "holy hands."

"This is real sisterhood. No woman left alone. Whether she wants to be or not! Spirit and Truth working together," Caine continued.

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The day before her surgery, Shirer posted a video on Instagram of her sister, Crystal Hurst and Beth Moore cooking and cleaning at her house.

"When you've had a few really tough weeks and you're on the eve of a few more tough ones but then your people show up - cooking and cleaning and making a celebration out of thin air," she shared.

Shirer, who just lost her mother, Lois Evans, to a rare form of cancer, said her surgery was delayed due to the recent difficulties her family has faced. 

In addition to the death of her mother, the family is still grieving over the death of Tony Evans' father in November and the unexpected loss of Evans' sister, Beverly Johnson, who died in January.

Despite the challenges that Shirer and the Evans family have faced, their faith has sustained them.

"Through it all, we still believe God. We are trusting Him for a favorable outcome and that I will return to full health personally and full function in ministry," Shirer wrote.

Please continue to pray for the Evans family as they endure these challenging and difficult times.

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