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Israeli Author Offers Solutions to Major World Problems with Innovations that Could Change the Future

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Today's world faces enormous challenges in the field of energy, the lack of safe water, food shortages and how to respond to natural disasters.

One best-selling author writes that innovators, companies, and countries are taking on those challenges to make the world a better place.

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Turkey's recent earthquakes are a tragic reminder of how they can devastate a region. Much of the world's major population centers lie on a fault line such as the one under Japan.

After one major earthquake, an enterprising architect came up with a solution to house the multitudes of displaced people.

It's just one example of how today's innovators are coming up with solutions to water and food shortages, providing energy alternatives, and discovering breakthroughs to cure disease.

Avi Jorisch, the author of the best-selling, Thou Shalt Innovate: How Israeli Ingenuity Repairs the Worldprofiled innovations that are changing the lives of billions of people and explained why Israeli innovators feel compelled to make the world better, from the fields of medicine to agriculture.

Now, in his new book, Next, A Brief History of the FutureJorisch examines the massive challenges facing the world, reveals what's next on the horizon, and the innovations that hopefully will transform the future. Click HERE to watch our interview with Jorisch on The 700 Club.

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