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Israel and Jordan Plan Joint Industrial Project


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JERUSALEM, Israel -- In some welcome news, the Israel-Jordan Committee for Security and Transportation met earlier in the week to discuss the "Jordan Gate Project," a joint Israeli-Jordanian industrial zone to be built about 13 miles south of the Jordan River Crossing.

The Jordan River Crossing is the international border crossing between Beit She'an, Israel and Irbid, Jordan. Opened in November 1994, it is one of three crossings for tourists between the two countries.

"This is an important milestone between the two countries in promoting a large-scale economic project, which will provide employment and welfare to Israeli and Jordanian citizens and the entire region," said Deputy Regional Cooperation Minister Ayoub Kara, who heads the project and the Steering Committee.

Israeli and Jordanian factories will be built in Jordan while the Israeli side will serve as a logistical base for transferring goods to Israeli ports. A bridge will be built to accommodate passage of goods and pedestrians from Jordan to Israel and vice versa.

Project planners believe deepening economic and trade ties between Israel and Jordan will also promote cooperation and stability in the region and the development of expanded employment opportunities for Israelis and Jordanians.

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