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Intelligence Expert Goes 'Inside the Middle East' with Predictions in New Book

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JERUSALEM, Israel  – As China makes a power play in the Middle East in the wake of declining U.S. influence, intelligence expert and author Avi Melamed brings forty years of experience to his latest book, Inside the Middle East: Entering a New Era.

CBN News talked with Melamed about the most recent bombshell development in the region, the unexpected agreement brokered by China between Iran and Saudi Arabia. 

Melamed expands on how this deal allows China unprecedented access into the region and how it marks one more sign of the waning influence of the United States under the Biden Administration. 

In the book, Melamed explains the many trends and forces driving the area some call “the most complicated region” in the world. 

We also discussed the predictions in the book including the impact of China’s influence on Iran’s nuclear program. 

His latest work is what some call a “magnifying glass and important tool” to understand the forces driving the Middle East. 

To watch the interview, click on the video above. 

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