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'Hamas Is ISIS': Death Toll Soars Above 1,000, IDF Pounds Gaza as Hamas Threatens to Kill Hostages

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JERUSALEM, Israel – An Israeli military official says the death toll of Israelis murdered in the brutal Hamas terrorist invasion has now risen above 1,000.  Now Israel is pushing ahead with a major offensive to crush Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, promising to strike a blow that will reverberate "for generations.”

The Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday said they have finally secured the border with Gaza and found the bodies of 1,500 Hamas terrorists four days after they invaded southern Israel and killed or kidnapped more than 1,000 Israelis.

“In the last day, not a single terrorist entered via the fence,” said the IDF’s top spokesman, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari.

Speaking in an address to the nation Monday night, Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel is in “a war to ensure our existence, a war that we will win.”

"Israel is at war. Israel didn't want this war. It was forced upon us in the most brutal and savage way. But though Israel didn't start this war, Israel will finish it … Hamas will understand that by attacking us they've made a mistake of historic proportions," he said. 

“We have always known what Hamas is. Now the whole world knows. Hamas is ISIS,” Netanyahu said. “We will defeat [Hamas] precisely as the enlightened world defeated ISIS.” 

The Scriptural Mandate to Pray for Israel - Here's a Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

The IDF has called up a record 360,000 reservists to prepare for what many expect is a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes have been bombarding Hamas targets inside Gaza while terrorists fire rockets across southern Israel. The IDF has urged citizens of Gaza to evacuate as it carries out strikes across the strip. Gaza authorities say at least 687 Palestinians have died.

Meanwhile, more revelations of Hamas' atrocities continue to surface. Media reports from Israel reveal that Hamas terrorists actually murdered 40 babies, and even beheaded some of them:

More Than 160 Israelis Held Hostage - Hamas Threatens to Murder Them

There are more than 160 hostages in Hamas' hands, and Hamas has warned they will kill one hostage on live TV every time Israel attacks “without prior warning.”

"They were taken from their home, from their beds," said one Israeli mother whose two sons are being held hostage.

One Israeli mother, who asked not to be named, pleads for her sons' return ages 12 and 16. They were kidnapped at a music festival.

"I want my children to be back home. I want them to fight each other, I want them to annoy each other, I want them to get on my nerves again. I want them back. I want them to be back sleeping in their beds," she said. 

A Broader War Brewing?

Along Israel's northern border, there have been several skirmishes between Hezbollah and Israeli forces, leading many to believe a second front could be a real possibility.

“We are ready, in high readiness. We are ready from the air and from land at the border,” Hagari said in a statement Tuesday.

The Home Front Command has encouraged all Israelis to store up food and water for three days.

Member Of Knesset Sharren Haskel says Israel is really at war with Iran, the power behind Hamas. 

REPORT: Iranian Security Officers Met Terror Groups' Reps to Plan Attacks on Israel

"It is Iran who is standing behind this vicious attack.  Financially, on the ground, physically, in some of these videos, you can hear people speaking in Farsi.”

Middle East Expert Dan Diker sees the attack as part of Iran's Middle East chessboard. 

"It is clear that the Iranian regime and the IRGC are moving these chess pieces around according to their interest in trying to reach the uranium enrichment finish line of 90 percent weapons-grade uranium."

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