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'God Gave Us a Strategy': Digital Evangelist Celebrates Bringing 1 Million Young People to Christ, Shares Powerful Method

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A digital evangelist is celebrating an incredible milestone: bringing 1 million people to Christ.

Sean Dunn, the founder of Groundwire, told CBN’s Faithwire he is incredibly humbled to see his ministry impact so many lives.

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“It is actually very humbling, and I am not just being modest,” Dunn said. “When God does something so big that only He can do it, you can’t take credit for it. You are just along for the ride.”

He continued, “We are very excited to know that those who placed their trust in Jesus are going to be celebrating through eternity instead of suffering through it.”

Dunn explained the secrets to Groundwire’s evangelistic success: meeting young people where they are and intentionally using technology to open their eyes to the Gospel message.

Groundwire turns to social media platforms to get the message out. With some youths looking at their phones more than 100 times a day, encountering them where they gather has been incredibly effective.

Dunn said his organization appeals to young people with short video pieces that effectively grab their interest. He then uses sites like to point [them] toward Christ.

“Only a small percentage of the younger generations will attend church service regularly. However, the majority will not put down their phones,” he said. “God gave us a strategy and the messaging that captures their attention while they are staring at their phone and helps them ask the questions that we know will lead them in the right direction.”

Groundwire targets young people asking inquiries like, “Do I matter?” and “What’s the point of life?” among other curiosities. Then, these individuals are connected with digital evangelists who offer to pray with them and point them to the Gospel.

These Groundwire coaches are a diverse pool of volunteers trained to speak with young people about biblical truths.

This week, Groundwire coaches have seen their one-millionth person embrace Christ since 2017 — a remarkable feat.

“The typical person doesn’t come online asking, ‘How can I be saved?'” Dunn said. “They come online with an awareness that something is missing. We get to introduce them to Jesus, who is waiting to meet every need that they have.”

He continued, “We lead people to a place where they realize that Jesus is the only way to experience a closeness with the Father, to know forgiveness and peace, and invite them to say ‘yes’ to His offer of salvation.”

Groundwire screenshot showing over 1 million commitments to Christ

Dunn said he’s excited to dive into 2023 and to push deeper into his mission of spreading the Gospel message. He plans to double his coaching team and keep reaching hearts and minds for Christ.

“The primary goal is to introduce as many as possible to Jesus,” he said. “And we are just getting started.”

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