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April 15 - Faithwire - Trauma, Grief and Laughter - April 15, 2024
Author and comedian Chonda Pierce joins CBN’s Tré Goins-Phillips and Billy Hallowell to discuss the power of laughter amidst grief and trauma.
April 08 - Faithwire - Keeping God in Education - April 8, 2024
Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham joins CBN’s Tré Goins-Phillips to discuss his new biblically based curriculum and the importance of keeping God in education.
April 01 - Faithwire - Resurrection Reflections - April 1, 2024
On this week’s episode of Faith vs. Culture, Dan Andros, Billy Hallowell and Tré Goins-Phillips reflect on the significance of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

About Faith vs. Culture

Everyone is a disciple, but do you follow the world or God? Dan Andros examines faith vs. culture and discusses trending topics where Christians are being pushed, tempted, or threatened to abandon the Word of God. 

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Dan Andros is the Managing Editor for CBN News and hosts the Quick Start Podcast (7 am M-F) and the weekly show Faith vs. Culture on the CBN News Channel. He also created the documentary Six Days in Iraq and previously was Head Writer for The Glenn Beck Program on Fox News and TheBlaze TV.

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Billy Hallowell has been working in journalism and media for more than a decade. His writings have appeared in Deseret News, TheBlaze, Human Events, Mediaite and on, among other outlets. Hallowell has a B.A. in journalism and broadcasting from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York and an M.S. in social research from Hunter College in Manhattan, New York.

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Tré Goins-Phillips serves as a host and content creator for CBN News. He hosts the weekly “Faith vs. Culture” show and co-hosts “Quick Start,” a news podcast released every weekday morning. Born and raised in Virginia, Tré now lives along the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he has built his career, often traveling to meet and interview fascinating cultural influencers and entertainers. 

After working with brands like TheBlaze and Independent Journal Review, Tré began his career at CBN News in 2018 and has a particular passion for bridging the chasm between the secular world and the church

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