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'Sound of Freedom' Ranks No. 1 Movie in America: 'Truly Awe-Inspiring'

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The faith-based film about a former Homeland Security agent who embarks on a journey to rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers became the no. 1 movie in America on Independence Day, beating out summer blockbusters like "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny".

Angel Studio's "Sound of Freedom" grossed $14.2 million in sales on the July 4th holiday, landing it in the top slot at the box office. On Wednesday it was still doing well, landing in the number two slot with another $4 million.

Approximately $2 million of its sales came through Pay it Forward Tickets – a patent-pending technology from Angel Studios that empowers moviegoers to purchase tickets for other people whom they want to see a particular film.

Film critics predicted the movie would pass $20 million in gross sales by the end of the week.

"From the very beginning, this movie had me choked up, tugging at my heartstrings. It effortlessly keeps you on the edge of your seat, igniting a fire of determination to see the bad guys brought to justice and the innocent children saved. I cannot recommend it enough – Jim Caviziel's performance is truly awe-inspiring. You can feel the passion and dedication he poured into this role, leaving a lasting impression on your soul," said one review about the film. 

"Amazing movie and brilliantly made. It was a roller coaster ride with pure emotion and made you think of how people can do this dangerous and heroic job, which can bring you to tears of what they have to see and experience," another review said.

Angel Studios is the streaming and distribution platform behind the film. 
"Thanks to fans around the country, 'Sound of Freedom' earned the top spot as America's number one movie on Independence Day. We've received numerous messages telling us theaters are either packed or sold out. This movie has now taken on a life of its own to become something more than that, a grassroots movement," said Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios. 

Supporters say it is no surprise the new film is resonating with audiences as the family-friendly, movie-making powerhouse is behind "The Chosen" – the most successful crowdfunded project of all time.

That multi-season TV series about the life of Jesus Christ has become a smash hit that has been streamed more than 500 million times and has now been seen by more than 108 million people since Season 1.

When the series debuted the first two episodes of season 3 in theaters last year it snagged the third spot at the box office beating out DC Comics, Universal, and Disney.

Now, Angel Studios' adult thriller is scoring a high note with audiences. It topped $10 million in pre-sales and has received a 85% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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"That's an impressive number for a movie that isn't relying on a glossy big studio marketing campaign. It's also another sign of the buying power of religious moviegoers, who helped propel this spring's 'Jesus Revolution' to an improbable $53 million at the global box despite the fact that the biggest star in that movie was Kelsey Grammar," reported Variety. 

With an A+ CinemaScore rating, we're the top-rated movie in America, and we're going to see word-of-mouth spread even further going into the weekend. The world needs to see 'Sound of Freedom', and we know that our biggest competitive advantage—our incredible fans and investors—are going to make sure that happens," said Harmon. 

As CBN News reported, the feature stars Jim Caviezel as federal agent Tim Ballard who had been working in the Child Crimes unit for 12 years, but was beginning to lose hope. He rescues a seven-year-old boy who was kidnapped, along with his sister, by brutal traffickers. When the boy asks Tim to find his sister, Tim discovers his life's mission: rescuing children from sex slavery.

Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino and Bill Camp also star in the film.

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Caviezel is best known for his role as Jesus in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ." He also portrayed Luke in the film, "Paul, Apostle of Christ."

Ballard told CBN's Efrem Graham that when he was approached about the film he knew immediately he wanted Caviezel to portray him. 

"A few years into their endeavor, I believe it was December of 2017, they showed up and said, 'Hey we are going to film this summer. And we need to pick someone to play you,' which I never let my mind go to that place because that's a strange question," Ballard recalls.

"Right out of the gate, I knew who I wanted. 'If this is a real question, the answer is Jim Caviezel'," he told the producers.

"I don't know these actors. I know Jim Caviezel loves Jesus. And that's the only real requirement I have," he said.

Caviezel recently told Fox News he only plays in films that portray "moral redemption."

"The purpose God gave me in this business, I wanted to bring his light," he explained. "And it doesn't mean I'm always his light into an industry. And I wanted to do that, but it doesn't mean that I'm not going to play the devil in movies. Just there's got to be some sort of moral redemption."

"I may not have any friends around me when this is over, but I'll have [God]," Caviezel said. "He won't leave me. I'll be looking at him at that point. When I do leave this earth, at least I gave the best I could from God, you know, and my Father in heaven. And I want the world to know I love him. And maybe that's evil to them. Not to me, but to them."
Caviezel also shared that he wants people to be inspired by the film. 

"That inspiration inspires you to have courage in this new world right now that we're in," the actor said.

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