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'Operation Underground Railroad': 6,000 Trafficking Victims Rescued, True Story Hits Big Screen

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Tim Ballard is a former federal agent on a mission to end human trafficking around the world. 

His Operation Underground Railroad organization has helped rescue at least 6,000 survivors and arrest more than 5,000 involved in the crimes.

Now actor Jim Caviezel is bringing Ballard's story to the silver screen. It's called "Sound of Freedom" and it hits theaters nationwide on the Fourth of July. 


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CBN's Efrem Graham sat down with Ballard for a closer look at the story behind the new movie.  

"A few years into their endeavor, I believe it was December of 2017, they showed up and said, 'Hey we are going to film this summer. And we need to pick someone to play you,' which I never let my mind go to that place because that's a strange question," Ballard recalls.

"Right out of the gate, I knew who I wanted. 'If this is a real question, the answer is Jim Caviezel'," he told the producers.

"I don't know these actors. I know Jim Caviezel loves Jesus. And that's the only real requirement I have," he said.

Actor Jim Caviezel (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

"It was like four days. They asked him. They skipped his agents and went right to him. And he had had a personal experience himself with human trafficking we didn't know about and he jumped right in. And he is one of my best friends today. We are super close, talking all of the time because he cares deeply," Ballard says.

Watch the video above to hear more of Ballard's amazing story.

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