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Twitter, now X. Corp, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk poses before his talks with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, May 15, 2023, at the Elysee Palace in Paris. (AP Photo/Michel Euler, Pool, File)

Elon Musk Promotes 'Sound of Freedom', Offers Twitter Option to Fight Child Sex Trafficking

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Elon Musk has offered the new movie Sound of Freedom free promotion on Twitter. 

As CBN News has reported, the movie is based on the inspirational true story of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. government agent who quits his job in order to devote his life to rescuing children from global sex traffickers. 

The feature stars Jim Caviezel as federal agent Tim Ballard who has been working in the dark world of Child Crimes for 12 years, and is beginning to lose hope. But then he rescues a seven-year-old boy who was kidnapped, along with his sister, by brutal traffickers. When the boy asks Tim to find his sister, Tim discovers his life's mission: rescuing children from sex slavery, wherever they may be. 

Since he acquired the social media platform last year, Musk has said "priority #1" is removing child sexual exploitation content from the platform.

slider img 2Following a tweet from Sound of Freedom movie distributor Angel Studios on May 18 featuring the movie's official trailer and announcing the film would be in theaters on July 4, Musk responded with a tweet of his own, according to the Media Research Center (MRC).

"I recommend putting it on this platform for free for a brief period or just asking people to subscribe to support (we would not keep any funds)," Musk replied directly to the movie's tweet on June 13. 

The film's distributor responded with a follow-up tweet the next day, writing, "That's an interesting idea. Let's chat!"

Neal Harmon, Angel Studios co-founder, also replied to Musk, writing, "Thanks for bringing more attention to this true story, the millions of children it represents, and offering this option to us."

According to the MRC, Musk's endorsement not only will get the film more exposure but will promote Twitter's recent move to feature more streaming video as well as the platform's move to paid subscriptions for additional content. 

It could also be the next step in the billionaire entrepreneur's plan to challenge YouTube with streaming video content as demonstrated by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson's premiere of his new show on Twitter earlier this month. 

Several Twitter users responded positively to Musk's idea, writing: "GREAT IDEA!"

Country music recording artist John Rich also responded to Musk's offer. 

"Hey @elonmusk I appreciate your acknowledgment of how vitally important this film #SoundOfFreedom is to the world. Would you please retweet the post below? Every adult in America needs to see this movie. You can make a HUGE difference with a click of a button. Thank you!" 

A user speculated, "I would predict the movie would gross more by opening on Twitter with subscriptions than just in theaters. More importantly, it would be seen by more people worldwide, and that needs to happen."

"This is why I respect you! Thank You," one user commented. 

Another user said, "Thank you @elonmusk very important message that needs to be heard."

Miriam Delicado, the founder of the nonprofit The Great Gathering, commented: "Thank you for helping to protect the children 
@elonmusk by bringing attention to this important topic. The world needs to know this is happening and it is everywhere. It must be stopped."

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