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Major Film Studio Acquires Distribution Rights to Hit Bible Series 'The Chosen'

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“The Chosen” has found a new home as filming for the hit Bible series’ fourth season is underway.

Lionsgate, the Canadian-American film studio, has acquired worldwide distribution rights to all seasons of the Christian series, created by writer, director, and producer Dallas Jenkins.

“Lionsgate is perfect for us,” said the show-runner in a statement shared with CBN’s Faithwire. “They’re strong and experienced in the areas we’re not, but they also understand what’s unique about us and will protect that. We’ll continue to do what we do best unabated, and they’ll expand our efforts with their tremendous distribution team.”

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Jim Packer, president of worldwide television distribution for Lionsgate, said it is “no surprise that an artfully crafted story about such an important historical figure, unlike anything done before, would be in great demand.”

“The multi-season approach has allowed ‘The Chosen’ to consistently build its audience and generate a unique level of engagement,” he added. “We’re excited by the opportunity to elevate this incredible property to the next level of worldwide recognition and popularity.”

As a property of Angel Studios, the series’ original distributor, “The Chosen” saw great success.

The largest crowdsourced project in entertainment history, the show chronicling Jesus’ earthly ministry has reached more than 110 million viewers in 175 countries and is set to be translated into 600 languages.

Since the first season, “The Chosen” has been streamed more than 500 million times and has earned $35 million at the box office in theatrical releases connected to the hit series.

Jenkins, while filming season three last fall, told CBN’s Faithwire it has been “very clear” from the start that God is orchestrating the success of “The Chosen.”

“God has just so clearly from the beginning brought people to the show — cast, crew — who were compelled to do it even when they might not have wanted to,” he explained. “There’s just so many people involved the show who God was putting it on their hearts.”

As for ensuring the Bible-based series stays true to its source material, Jenkins said he sets aside time each morning before they begin filming to “get with God” to be certain his motivations are in the right place. That, of course, comes after weeks of research conducted alongside historians and theologians who thoroughly review the scripts of each episode to be certain they mesh with first-century culture and biblical accounts.

Ultimately, he said at the time, “We’re just concentrating on making the best show we can and letting God do the rest. The doors that are opening are remarkable.”

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