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Bill Maher Predicts Result of Presidential Election, Calls Left 'Aggressively Anti-Common Sense'

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Comedian and famed political commentator Bill Maher predicted recently it’s “very likely” former President Donald Trump will win the November election.

He went on to condemn the modern political left as “aggressively anti-common sense” during an interview with English journalist Tina Brown at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado.

“Part of it the left has to own,” he told Brown. “They are aggressively anti-common sense. The Democrats keep running on this one idea, saying to the American people, ‘You can’t possibly think you can do worse than Donald Trump.’ And they keep saying, ‘Yes, we can. Yes, we can.'”

Maher went on to explain he has Democratic friends who have leftist children, many of whom, the comedian suggested, accuse their parents of “old thinking” and not understanding their progressive points of view.

“Tear down statues of Lincoln? Maybe give communism another shot? Get rid of the border patrol? Get rid of capitalism? White supremacy has never been worse? Gender is always just a social construct? It’s OK to have penises in the women’s swimming pool, in women’s prisons?” he said, listing a handful of the views held by leftists. “No, it’s not that I’m old; it’s that your ideas are stupid.”

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Maher explained to Brown that, if Democrats insist on embracing far-leftist ideals and refuse to collaborate in any way with Republicans who oppose Trump, they are only aiding the GOP in defeating incumbent President Joe Biden.

“That’s as good as it gets,” he said. “If you can’t talk to those people, you’re just abandoning the country to half the people who are even worse, who are going to vote for Trump this next time — and they are — and he very likely will win, and then what are we going to do?”

“I think we should keep the dialogue open,” the HBO’s “Real Time” host added.

Maher recently appeared on the ABC talk show “The View,” where he condemned those on the left who have chosen to vehemently oppose Israel and protest in support of Hamas.

“If I had any doubt that I was right about the change that’s happened in the left, watching people protest for a terrorist organization like Hamas — that straightened me out pretty quick,” he said, later adding, “It’s astounding to me that they can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys, just morally. If you’re for Hamas, just live in Gaza for a day … [even] before the war.”

Ultimately, he said the best way to stop Israel from retaliating is to “stop attacking Israel.”

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