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Danny Gokey Breaks Down Hebrews 2 and the ‘Most Dangerous Thing’ Christians Now Face

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Singer Danny Gokey took to Instagram this week to warn Christians about the dangers of drifting away from biblical truth and embracing culture’s counterfeit lies.

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“I believe the most dangerous thing that can happen to a believer is very subtle, and sometimes you don’t even catch it,” Gokey said. “What am I talking about? ‘The drift.'”

The singer then proceeded to give an analogy to better illustrate this move away from eternal truth.

“Imagine you’re on a boat, you’re heading towards a specific direction, and you had a motor on it, but you decide to turn that motor off, you decided to relax,” Gokey said. “And unknowingly, the ocean or the culture … took you in a whole different direction.”

Tragically, this is the very dynamic Gokey seeks some Christians falling into. Citing the admonition in Hebrews 2 that believers “not drift away,” he explained why such an occurrence is so perilous.

Watch Gokey’s remarks:


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“That’s what’s dangerous to the believer,” Gokey said. “If we don’t hang on to the Word of God, if we let the culture define what our values are — what our morals are — we’ll pretty soon find out that we have a form of godliness, but we denied the power thereof.”

The singer said “the drift” will pull believers away from what God wants for them.

“Jesus didn’t die on the cross so we can go back into our sin pattern,” he said.


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In a second Instagram video, the singer said Christians must not bend to culture when assessing who God is, what’s right and wrong, and where moral parameters should fall.

Considering where we are politically, culturally, and socially, these are most definitely words of profound wisdom.

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