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'On the Precipice of a New Jesus Revolution': Top Pastor Says Asbury and 2023 Point to Awakening

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One of the country's most influential pastors says despite the darkness of our times, recent news events point to the hand of God at work in early 2023.

"God's moving in a new generation," Rev. Sam Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference told CBN News in a recent interview. "Am I optimistic? Absolutely…are we on the precipice of a new Jesus revolution? Yes. Do I think more people will be saved in the next five to 10 years, if the Lord tarries, than ever before? Yes—100 percent."

Rodriguez, who's served as an advisor to both Presidents Obama and Trump, says he believes the country is on the verge of an awakening. He traces an arc of events starting with the Supreme Court's abortion ruling last June.

"It triggered a shift in the atmosphere, spiritually and prophetically," Rodriguez said. "Something was unleashed. That something is redemptive, it's life, it's John 10:10, abundant life—this call for the unborn."

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Rodriguez sees elevated spiritual warfare in recent news events including school shootings and violence in the streets. 

And he also sees God moving in 2023, beginning with Buffalo Bills' Safety Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest during a Jan. 2nd game. Millions watching on television began praying along with the athletes on the field. The next day, ESPN anchor Dan Orlovsky prayed for Hamlin on live television.

Just weeks later Rodriguez notes, revival broke out Feb. 8th on the campus of Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. In the following days, other campuses across the country reported spiritual renewal and revival.

It's no coincidence says Rodriguez. "The same demographic deemed as the most non-Christian demographic in American history…and God says 'watch me'" he said. "There's hunger—whenever you find prayer, repentance and hunger for God, God will show up."

The Jesus Revolution movie released on Feb. 24th, prompting theatergoers to question whether 50 years later, another such movement is beginning. It has since taken in an unexpected $51 million in sales at the box office.

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Rodriguez says it's a moment to engage the culture and especially around issues of identity. He says many Americans are falling prey to idolatry. 

"This idea that I am God and I have the power to redefine myself based on my own worldview," he explained. "It's counter-intuitive to God's ordained plan. Pastors need to preach about identity—sacred identity."

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