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Did Asbury Spark the Next Great Awakening? 'The Time Is Now; the Kingdom of God Is Here'

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The revival that began at Asbury University two weeks ago is growing outward to more and more college campuses across the nation. Flames from the Asbury Awakening have spread like wildfire as the Holy Spirit continues to fill students' hearts and minds in new regions. 

Fifteen straight days of revival at Asbury culminated with the university hosting the 200th anniversary of the National Collegiate Day of Prayer.

"You have met us here and reminded the world that you are the risen Lord, and we pray tonight, and we dedicate this night to you to ignite a fire throughout this country," prayed one of the speakers at the final Asbury event.

"On Wednesday, February 8, a very small but very faithful group of Asbury students listened to the nudging of the Holy Spirit and stayed in Chapel a little longer, and then a little longer, and then way longer," shared a student speaker. "And we had no idea that the world was about to know God better." 

University leaders will now move services to other locations in the central Kentucky area, "as part of Asbury's intention of encouraging and commissioning others to 'go out' and share what they have experienced."

"Why don't you get in groups and let's just thank the Lord!" exclaimed a student leading the praise and worship at the Asbury Awakening. "Let's praise the Lord for all He's done! Let's just get together; give thanks to the Lord!"

Revival has spread to schools in Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.
"I think there's a move of God that's happening; there's a revival that's happening, and I wanted to be in the Presence of God," Regent University student Shameka White told CBN News. "I wanted to just be among believers. And we need it in the climate of the world today."
"It doesn't matter the age, from the youngest person to the oldest person, God wants to move in this time," shared Frank Ehbrecht, another student from Regent. "And when the world is at its darkest that's when the light shines the brightest."
"I think there's something really special, too, about Gen Z and their love for God and just something very different about the younger generation right now, and I'm so inspired by them and how they just want to glorify Jesus," commented Arynn Andrews, another Regent student.
"This I believe is for Generation Z, for this generation coming up now," shared Dr. Corne Bekker, dean and professor of the Regent University School of Divinity. "This is their moment where God is getting a hold of their hearts."

"Their eyes are opening, and they are surrendering their lives to Christ," he continued.
The move of God is not just happening in the U.S.  Bekker references revivals overseas and believes that what's taking place on a global scale is the beginning of the next Great Awakening.
"From my perspective, I believe it is here," Bekker said. "The time is now; the kingdom of God is here. What should be our response? Repent and believe in the Good News."
And Bekker believes this could be the last great move of God to usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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