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June 21 - Israeli Unity Amid Hamas, Hezbollah Threats | CBN NewsWatch June 21, 2024
The Israeli military and the government are united in their goal of finishing off Hamas. That's the word from both sides - after headlines saying the two were divided over how to deal with terrorist group. A pastor to pastors says right now ... ...
June 20 - Hezbollah: ‘No Place in Israel Will Be Safe’ in War| CBN NewsWatch June 20, 2024
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warns they will fight “without control, without rules and without a ceiling” if a full-scale war breaks out, while Israel’s Defense Minister says they will put an end to Hezbollah’s constant attacks ... ...
June 19 - Netanyahu: White House Withheld Weapons from Israel | CBN NewsWatch June 19, 202
As Hezbollah issues new threats against Israel, a rift develops between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Biden Administration, as the Israeli leader says “it’s inconceivable… the Administration has been withholding weapons and ... ...

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Efrem Graham


Efrem Graham is an award-winning journalist who came to CBN News from the ABC-owned and operated station in Toledo, Ohio. His most recent honor came as co-anchor of the newscast that earned the station’s morning news program its first Emmy Award.

Efrem was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, but his formal television and journalism career was born across the Hudson River in New York City. He began as an NBC Page and quickly landed opportunities to work behind-the-scenes in local news, network news, entertainment, and the network’s Corporate Communications Department. His work earned him the

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