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The Webs of Life

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It's beginning to feel a lot like Fall. The cool breezes of autumn cause us to reach for our favorite sweater, as we step outdoors to take a brisk walk in the crisp, clean air. The smell of burning leaves always reminds me of my childhood, with thoughts of flickering fireplaces and large mugs of hot chocolate, topped with a big ole melting marshmallow.

Another not so fond memory of autumns past, was one of me riding along on my bicycle, minding my own business, when suddenly I would find myself plowing head-long, face-first, into the middle of a large sticky spider web! Oh, how I hated that! With arms flailing and lips sputtering, I would attempt to peel off the remnants of what used to be Madame Spider's abode as she would have no other choice but to now come along for the ride, and I just knew that her little eight-legged self was creeping along somewhere in the vicinity of my shoulders.

For some unknown reason, I have found myself very intrigued (again) with spider webs. I happened to spot one the other morning as I was heading out for my usual morning bike ride with my favorite Labrador companion, Champ. It was still dark and the moon was shining at just the right angle where I could see the reflection of the silk woven web. I was amazed at how perfectly concentric its design was.

A few seconds later, I was stunned, as I witnessed a very large fluttering butterfly come out of nowhere and rapidly plunge head-long into the center of its web. The poor butterfly frantically began to struggle only to find itself being wrapped tighter with each panicky movement. I instinctively lowered my bike and walked over and with both hands, reached in, and as gently as I could, cupped my palms around her and slowly pulled her out. I released her into the moonlight and watched as she hastily flew away.

Immediately, I thought of God's own hands and how they had lovingly reached down into my own web of impending death. I recalled those web-like sticky fibers of sin that had wrapped themselves around my mind and heart so tightly, just waiting for me to die a slow death. I desperately tried to free myself from the bondage of sin, but could not. He came along at just the right moment and cupped his palms around me and set me free.

Today, I am that butterfly and I now soar in my new-found freedom, knowing full well just what I have been rescued from. I rejoice in the liberty that He has given me by way of my salvation. The very same palms that were nailed to a cruel cross, one day lovingly reached down into my own web of sin and forever set me free.

Will you allow Him to do the same for you? He understands how we so readily fall prey to the enemy of our soul, and He longs to release us from the entanglement of sin. Stop trying to release yourself, and let Him reach down and set you free.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery (Galations 5:1).

Copyright © Missey Butler. Used by permission.

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