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Pity Parties Are Easy

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It would be easy to have a full blown pity party today; the kind where you eat chocolate — lots of chocolate, read, cry, and moan “Woe’s me!”

We had a wonderful time at my High School Reunion visiting with friends from years ago and seeing the places where I grew up. Then I caught a cold, stayed up too late, and felt like I had been coughing more than sleeping.

We got back from the trip at 2am, so Monday was a blur as I tried to function with little sleep and a short nap. The next morning I got to teach my wonderful group of Bible Study ladies. On the way home I bought groceries to restock the refrigerator. Then another nap before we went to our weekly evening Bible Study group.

Here it is Wednesday morning and I woke up almost rested, and thought I had a whole day to get caught up. Except, when I went into my office to grab my computer, I tripped over my coffee table and saw myself landing on my hand as the fingers turned over backward. Did I say that I didn’t turn on the light? Oh, I missed that little part.

While I spent 20 minutes with ice on my hand and another 40 minutes trying to do things one-handed, my body started to kick in and said, "Whoa baby, I’m still super tired!"

Is it time now for that Pity Party? I’m ready!

Prayer Changes Things

Then I pray. God is working on me (again) to do all things without grumbling and complaining. (see ) I do the next thing He sets before me and remind myself that God is always in control.

"A person's steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way?" Proverbs 20:24 NIV

We don’t know God’s reasons, nor are we able to see His plan. We do know He loves us and is working things for our good. (see ) Really Lord? Colds, tired and achy body, and then allowing me to trip and sprain my fingers? I don’t get what God’s plan is — and you may not understand your situation either.

Why or What

A good pastor and friend suggested that when things aren’t going our way, or the circumstances  seem out of control, we ought to ask “What’s Next?”  

When we ask God, “Why Me?” we intimate that we think we know better than God what is best for our lives. In time, God may show us the reasons why we go through certain situations. But for now, what we need to know is what to do next.

Slow down and listen for God to answer the “What’s next?” question.

"Be still, and know that I am God... " Psalm 46:10 KJV 

Maybe today, being still is sitting with ice on my hand for 20 minutes each hour.

What has God allowed in your life today? Are you still asking God, “Why me?” or are you ready to say “What’s next Lord?”

Pity Parties are easy. It’s takes courage, patience, and maturity to listen and follow God’s directions instead.

Copyright © 2017 Joyce Zook. Used by permission.

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Joyce Zook is an international speaker, author and life coach who helps women create success and balance in their everyday lives. She is the author of 12 Keys for Marriage Success and encourages women with practical tips and wisdom based on biblical principles in her ministry at She is a Certified Professional Life and Marriage Coach, and, Board Certified Biblical Counselor. Joyce and her husband, Aaron, have been married for 36 years.

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