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The Peas of God

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By far, the best thing about being an adult is that you finally get to make the rules. Nobody can force you to make your bed or rake the yard (well, except for your spouse). When I turned 21, the first adult decree that I made disavowed any future culinary relationship with peas.

I hate peas. I always have. As a child at the dinner table, I remember hiding them in napkins or even under my tongue in order to put them in the trash later. Now, my co-workers watch me in bewilderment as I dismantle a pasta entrée or specialty soup by picking out all of the peas one by one. I won't start eating until every pea is accounted for and properly disposed.

I simply don't like the taste of them. So as an adult, I don't eat them.

If only we could do the same with what we want to consume out of life. I can think of a few things that I would take out of my day if I could. I am sure you can too. Whether it is traffic, bills or an unshakable insecurity, it seems as though God relishes in handing us a giant plate full of vegetables that we can't stand.

Want to know something interesting about peas? According to nutrition experts, peas are quite good for you. They are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and a number of other valuable nutrients. They also provide much-needed protein. Who knew that these tiny little pods could hold so much goodness for your body?

Hardships are a bit like peas in that way. They're tough to swallow, but do your soul some good. Every irritation is slowly strengthening your patience. The disappointments that you experience can hone your expectations and teach you to see things through an eternal lens. Failed relationships and dashed dreams are stepping stones toward better opportunities down the road. Everything – the good, the bad, and downright nasty – is working together to make you a better person, as it says in .

You may be facing a figurative bowl full of peas right now on the table of your life, and I can't blame you for turning up your nose in disgust. However, perhaps it helps to think of these trials as enrichment to the health of your soul. Let your pride go on a diet, and allow God to feed you the foods that will sustain you through any difficult situation.

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." ( , NIV)

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Jennifer E. Jones writes witty musings on spiritual life, health and pop culture. She has interviewed many musicians, authors and actors, yet still considers being nearly hit by a water bottle at a TobyMac concert as her closest brush with fame.

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