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An Overlooked Gift

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One mom picked up a small gift box, holding it close to her ear as she slightly shook it. She only hesitated a moment before setting it aside to select another. That particular gift was set aside multiple times as families continued to choose an obviously larger box.  

“It’s just not enough for my child,” another mom said. 

Colorful gift bags and wrapped boxes of all sizes filled the lobby of the inner-city charity where I volunteered many years ago. It was almost Christmas, and these gifts were donated for distribution to needy families. Gift recipients would come by and choose from the pile of presents.  

Yet after seeing this small box overlooked multiple times, the program directors decided to open and perhaps add it to another present—in hopes that someone would finally take it home.  

Upon opening it, charity directors were shocked. Tightly packed inside the small box were several of the most popular video-gaming systems at that time. Given the high value of such an extravagant gift, it was quickly decided to not just give it to one family, but divide it. That decision truly blessed the families who received it. Those families were near tears and in awe of such a truly generous gift.  

At Christmas we are reminded that our Savior—Jesus Christ—came as a gift to the world. Yet the “packaging” of His arrival left many confused and looking elsewhere for a Messiah. 

Many expected a Messiah to be born in a palace, not a stable. Perhaps they imagined Him wrapped in the finest fabrics in a comfortable bed instead of wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger where animals would eat their food. 

Everything about His humble arrival seemed to ensure that some would overlook Him and even deem Him not good enough. He just didn’t meet their expectations.  

Often, we look at the people of that time who silently and even publicly rejected Jesus and we may fail to relate.  

Revelation 11 tells of a future time when two witnesses, whom God will send to the streets of Jerusalem, will prophesy, testify, and even perform miracles. Yet instead of embracing this gift of God’s Word and power, many will reject them. And when the “beast” kills these men and they lay for days in the street, the Bible tells us that many people will be glad and even exchange gifts in celebration of the death of these godly men.  

As shocking as that future scene appears, let us recognize how we, too, may pass up some amazing gifts because we deem them too small, too insignificant to fit our agenda for ourselves and our families. God’s greatest gifts often come in unexpected ways. And if we are not careful, we may overlook the greatest gift of all.  

Father, give us spiritual ears to hear, spiritual eyes to see, and an open heart to receive the greatest gift the world has ever known—Your Son, Jesus. Please help us to also recognize the daily gift of the Holy Spirit’s presence and leading in our lives. This extravagant gift is for anyone who will believe and receive Him. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.  

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About The Author

Kimberly Poteet

Kimberly has worked at CBN since 2018. She lives in TN with her husband, teen son, and dog. And she has an adult son and a beautiful daughter-in-love. They are a homeschooling family.

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