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Lifeguard on Duty

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Have you ever thought about the role and responsibilities of a lifeguard? He or she is more than just a person telling you what to do at the beach or your favorite pool. They are responsible for all the lives in the body of water, looking out for potential threats and alerting you of danger, which means it’s no piece-of-cake summer job. 

I personally like to think of Jesus as my lifeguard. Meaning when trials come, things happen, and even people set out to harm me, He is watching over me, scanning the waters of life, helping to bring me to shore in the event the tides get too rough. 

I believe this is how some of the great men in the Bible felt. Let’s recall in the Old Testament where David found himself being accused of wrongdoing and surrounded by those who set out to plot traps for him. If that wasn’t enough, he also found himself running and hiding from Saul in a later Psalm. David always honored Saul but when Saul’s heart turned, there wasn’t enough good that David could do to win the favor of Saul, yet David was known as a man after God’s heart. 

Let’s also recall Paul in the New Testament and the Jewish leaders accused him of breaking laws against their law and the temple. While they meant him much harm, Paul’s hope was to continue to preach and follow the word of the Lord that was originally given to him on the road to Damascus. Paul continued to deny the charges (Acts 25) all the while having an opportunity to share his testimony of how God changed him and called him to do a great work.

What these two men teach us is that no matter how circumstances or people may not be in our favor, we have a lifeguard in heaven who knows all and sees all. Nothing we do for the Lord will go unnoticed. 

I want to encourage and inspire believers around the world to continue the good work for the Lord. It’s needed and the Lord will not forget your labor of love. (Hebrews 6:10) He’s always watching, never taking a break from making sure you are loved, safe, and secure. 

Prayer of Encouragement: Dear Lord, thank You for being the great Lifeguard. Thank You for Your divine protection and how You keep us safe from the cares and trials of life. We find so much peace in You and want to say, Thank You. Thank You for always being on our side and comforting us through some of the darkest seasons in our life. We pray that You give us opportunity to share our testimony and how You rescued us. We thank You for the strength to continue to pursue You and bring as many along this faith journey, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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About The Author

Cassey Nathan

Cassey Nathan joined CBN in 2022 as a Product Owner for CBN Bible and myCBN apps. She serves as worship leader for Kingdom Church of Houston. Cassey enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her husband. She is grateful to work in the Kingdom while awaiting the return of Christ.

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