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His Right of Way

Share This Devotional -- Recently in my neighborhood, the community board voted and approved the implementation of a small traffic circle right at the very entrance of our subdivision.

It was placed there in an effort to better control the flow of traffic coming in and going out.

Well, I’m sure I speak on behalf of many of my fellow neighbors when I say that now we are more confused then ever.

Every time two vehicles approach at the same time, you can almost read the “not sure what to do” expressions on each others faces.

Some neighbors are polite and simply yield the right of way, while others who are not as patient, forge their way through without blinking an eye.

I got to thinking about the term “Right of Way” in regard to my own personal walk with God, and I began to ask myself “Does God truly have the “Right-of-Way” in my life each and everyday?

I think that all of us who are called by His wonderful Name need to make it our duty to check the traffic patterns of our day-to-day living. In particular, are we obeying that wonderful, yellow, triangular yield sign that signals us to slow down and heed the right of way to the  “right” person? Or, do we think we know better and insist on making up our own rules of the road as we travel along? I know I’ve been guilty.

As I submit once again to the leading of the Holy Spirit, I recognize that in order to avoid any potential accidents along this Heavenly Highway, I will purpose within myself to faithfully follow the road signs posted along the many lanes of my heart.

The first one I see is,

”Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?” ( )

Father, I want to slow down, and give you the “Right” of having “Your Way" in my life! 

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