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God's Ways Are Higher

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Years ago, I became friends with a man who worked as a handyman. He was good at his job and was constantly in and out of homes in the area.

This was a church-going area, and it was near CBN. So, he spent a lot of time helping and talking to Christians. In fact, he knew as much about Christianity as most believers. But he had never surrendered his life to Christ.

He was a kind and honest man, a person who wouldn't hurt a fly, and he had a serious objection to the way God did things. He found it completely unacceptable that someone could live their life badly, causing a lot of harm and yet, if they accepted Christ on their deathbed, would go to heaven.

I thought a lot about his objection. The alternative to salvation by grace through faith was a works-based salvation. I knew this was not the truth, but his assertion was that it was simply not fair.

So, would salvation by works be fairer? 

Matthew 7:1 says that we are not to judge others, or we will be judged. Over the years I had come to understand that many sins have their roots in past experiences. So, should a man who has experienced nothing but abuse since childhood be judged the same as someone who has never experienced that kind of mistreatment?

As I have learned more and more about people’s actions, I have come to believe that there is not much that I wouldn’t be capable of if given the right circumstances. So personally, I am truly grateful for salvation by grace alone.

Now about my friend’s complaint about fairness, I have to say that while entrance into heaven is not based on works, our experience in heaven will be different based on what we do here on earth.

In Matthew 6:20 we are told to store up treasures in heaven. Mark 9:41 says even an act of kindness such as giving someone a drink of water will result in a reward in heaven.

My friend may never understand. But I do know one thing for sure — Isaiah 55:8 says our ways are not God’s ways. Our thoughts are not His thoughts. His ways are higher.

I also know that none of us are ever in a position to judge someone else. So, while my friend is sure he knows who should and should not enter heaven. I am content to leave that decision to God and God alone.

Today, I encourage you to meditate on the great gift we were given when Jesus paid the price for all of our sins. And give Him thanks.

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Since 1988 Linda has worked as a producer, reporter, manager, and writer for CBN. She graduated from Northpoint Bible College with a major in Bible, received a BA in Communications from Evangel College, and a MA in broadcast television from Regent University. Her passion is informing our partners about God's beautiful work through CBN.

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