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Freedom in Faith

Share This Devotional With summer upon us, I feel a wonderful freedom -- I kick off my shoes and wiggle my toes, I put the top down on my car and let my hair blow as I revel in the sunshine. Isn't it great to be out from under the encumbrances of winter?

Sometimes our religion can make us feel more like we do in winter, bound up in rules and regulations. But that is not how God designed it to be. We can feel free in our faith, shedding the binding clothing of outmoded traditions and focus on the core issues of a relationship with Christ.

It doesn't truly matter if we attend church on Saturday, Saturday night, as I do, or on Sunday, as long as we strengthen our faith through Bible reading and fellowship as addressed in , "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another" (NIV).

As a woman, I have often felt guilty when I do not measure up to a certain set of "norms" I thought were expected of me. How freeing it has been for me to do a study of Scripture and see that these standards are tradition, not salvation; religion, not relationship. I can keep my maiden name professionally, I can have a career, I can be a mom -- or not. As long as my husband and I are in agreement on these issues, I have that freedom!

In God's Word, says, "But now that we're out from under all those oppressive regulations and fine print, we're free to live a new life in the freedom of God" (The Message). If you have felt that religion is restraining you, I encourage you to do a study of God's Word this summer. Question the regulations and fine print that you find oppressive. Find out what faith is really all about. You'll discover a new life in the freedom of God! You'll discover that the "church lady" doesn't live here anymore!

Wiggle your toes, let your hair blow, bask in the freedom!

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Marita LittauerMarita Littauer is a professional speaker with over twenty years of experience. She is the author of ten books including Love Extravagantly:Making the Modern Marriage Work, and You've Got What It Takes. She is the president of CLASServices Inc., an organization that provides resources, training, and promotion for speakers and authors.



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