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The Fire of His Glory

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I believe we have entered a new day and time. The world is being shaken as never before. This goes far beyond the economic morass of this present time. Yet in the midst of coming tribulation, Father God is preparing His body, His church for that last end time move of His Spirit. All over the world, hungry hearts are lifting their hands and hearts heavenward.

Their hearts are driven by an inner knowledge and hunger to seek the face of God in this hour.

I believe Father is calling out to His church to prepare both for the judgments foretold in His word that shall come, but also the glory he is about to reveal in His church. God has given us a marvelous example in His word of what is beginning to happen in the body of Christ today. God delivered His chosen people from Egyptian bondage and slavery. He established His covenant with them, and through His servant, Moses, the people were instructed to construct a Tabernacle where His divine glory and eternal presence would reside.

Over this holy abode, a pillar of fire by night and a pillar or cloud of glory by day could be seen by one and all. There is a message in this to the church of our day and believers everywhere. Today the fire and glory of His eternal presence are beginning to move like never before. Most Christians, like God's people of that day, are content to gaze out of the tent flaps of their hearts and gaze in wonder at the glory cloud of God being released in this day in our midst.

Our churches are filled with people who are content to warm themselves by the fire of His glory. They will dance before Him in His presence. Yet grand and glorious though this revelation may be there is a higher revelation. We have all been called into the priesthood of our Lord and our God. Most believers are content to see the glory cloud but there are others who hunger for more. 

These are those who by faith in the divine sacrifice of the Son will move past the cloud of glory and enter into the Holy Place of God. Such individuals long to walk in an awareness or revelation of the life and nature of God himself. They willingly lay down their lives that they might receive that greatest of revelations that can only be seen by the dedicated and consecrated.

It is one thing to stand with the crowd outside of the Tabernacle in awe of the glory cloud and pillar of fire. It is another thing altogether to allow the Holy Spirit such access to your life that he will prepare your heart for a holy quest that you may know Him. Father is going to share His heart with this generation of the body Christ. Such awareness will cause the heart to tremble in His presence. Yet it shall produce a revelation that will shake the world as never before.

In this hour and at this time, Father is calling a holy remnant unto himself. His heart shall be unveiled in the fire of His glory. Evil shall be judged in this day, but those sons and daughters who will now begin to humble themselves before God, shall walk in a renewal of power and kingdom authority. Theirs shall be a voice of love and consolation. They shall be driven by a divine revelation of the heart of God. Their inspiration shall come from the kingdom of glory that is even now being birthed in the world.

Father is preparing us one and all for that wondrous transformation that he is bringing. One by one he is calling out to the consecrated to enter into the fire of His glory. The lusts and diverse sins of this world will one day be no more. Father, I believe, is calling out to every believer to so dedicate ourselves in His service to the kingdom of God that His coming will come alive in our hearts. Let us in the body of Christ wait on Him daily for that internal transformation of fire and glory that living in His presence brings.

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him. ( NLT) 

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About The Author


Michael Plemmons has been in active ministry for more than 30 years. He resides in Virginia Beach.

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