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Christmas Reminders

Share This Devotional Christmas has become extremely commercialized. Everywhere we look we see Christmas trees, lights, presents, signs enticing us to buy this or that for the people on our lists. But let's try to keep our thoughts focused on the real meaning of the season.

When we see a wreath, let's remember that God's love is never ending.

When we see the lights, let's remember that Jesus is the light of the world.

When we see candles, let's remember that our lights, however small, shine brightly enough to spread to those around us.

When we see presents, let's remember that God gave us the greatest gift of allin His Son, Jesus Christ.

When we see a Christmas tree, let's remember a tree on top of a hill called Calvary.

When we see snow, let's remember the One who cleanses our sins in a waythat makes them pure white.

When we sing carols, let's remember the importance of making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

When we sit down to Christmas dinner, let's remember that Jesus is the bread of life.

When we see all those around us in need, whether physically, financially, emotionally, or spiritually, let's remember that Christmas really shouldn't be limited to one season of the year.

God's gift was for all seasons. And, every time we share that gift, it's Christmas!


Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! ( )

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Linda Gilden is the author of numerous articles appearing in national publications. She collaborated on Every Child IS A Winner by Caz McCaslin and Bobb Biehl. Linda is looking forward to the release of her next book, Love Notes in Lunchboxes in September. She is on the faculty of the Glorieta Christian Writers Conference and a judge for the 2004 Writer's Digest Book Awards. Linda and her husband enjoy spending time with their family, especially at Christmas, where she finds lots of inspiration for her writing!


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Linda Gilden is an award-winning writer, speaker, editor, certified writing and speaking coach, and personality consultant. Her passion is helping others discover the joy of writing. Linda recently released Articles, Articles, Articles! and is the author of over a thousand magazine articles and 18 books including the new LINKED Quick Guides for Personalities. She is a regular columnist for,, just 18 summers, and the Christian Communicator. As Director of the Carolina Christian Writers Conference, Linda helps many writers take the next step in

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