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Always in Season

Share This Devotional In the summer, the grocery stores are full of seasonal fruit such as peaches and strawberries. When they are in season, they are usually sweet and juicy and there is no comparison for fresh fruit. The kind of fruit that is out of season must be purchased either canned or frozen, and somehow, they are not quite the same.

Is there anything that remains in season? There sure is. It is the Word of God; it is the same yesterday today and forever. You can rely on God’s unchangeable Word no matter what you are going through. You probably have experiences from your past and present where the promises from the  Bible worked for you so in the future, they will still be the same.

In life everything changes, sometimes it is our environment, where we live or place of worship. It could be a job or career change and even marital status due to death or divorce, but God‘s Word remains constant and true. God said: "He will never leave us nor forsake us!" That is something to count on in an ever-changing world.

The seasons change and people change, so it is good for the stability we have in the Lord. His promises in the Bible will always be there and for this we should be grateful.  Most of us would agree we need some things not to change.

I was reading lately about the oil prices going up again. I went to the pump and sure enough, they had jumped close to ten cents on the gallon. They recently had just come down but now they are up again. Like a roller coaster, everything goes up and down. If you rely on the stock market or on the world’s system, you will be disappointed. There is no other place to put your trust and faith but in God. He is our source of total supply.  

God does not lie. He is a covenant keeping God. He promises salvation, healing, and the abundant life to all who will receive Him and follow Him. He promises peace for a troubled heart, comfort for those who mourn, eternal life instead of losing our soul forever, and healing for the body soul and spirit. Could you imagine if He changed his mind? What if we fell into sin after we gave our heart to Him, and He would not give forgiveness for a second chance? We would no longer be able to have confidence in His Word, but God is unchanging.

We don't have to think that God will not do what He said He would do... not for a minute because the Bible is the truth.  You may be looking for answers in your life and find all kinds of answers, but why search? Go to God and His Word, and you are guaranteed to get the right answer there.

God is in every moment of every hour of every day so there are no changes with Him. He does not sleep nor slumber nor take vacations, and you can count on Him to always be in season. Aren’t you glad?

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." ( , New Century Version)

"God never changes his mind about the people He calls and the things He gives them." ( , New Century Version) 

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Cathy Irvin authored well over 50 Devotions for CBN over three decades where she served the Lord Jesus Christ at the Christian Broadcasting Network. Cathy loved telling stories and glorifying God in all that she did. On December 16, 2011, Cathy left this earthly dwelling to take up residence in the dwelling prepared for her in Heaven. Her Devotions minister with love and truth.

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