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In this captivating chronicle, Heather Johnston shares how God took her away from her safe southern social circle and planted within her an unexplainable love for the people of Israel. God then thrust her into their politics which are adverse and led her to build on their land which is most contested.

It was unnerving, unlikely, and audacious―but completely and utterly crafted by the Holy Spirit.

Uncommon Favor cuts through the confusion of modern cultural definitions and examines the way Jesus prepared His talmidim, or disciples, in the first century and what He required of them.

Indeed, the life of a true disciple is one of steadfast love and chutzpah, or raw nerve. It is about hearing and following Him. It is about risking everything. It is the rhythm of utter helplessness and divine power. It is coming under His yoke, faithfully, for a lifetime.

Discover the intentional life of Jesus’ talmidim―and become one of the intrepid few who embrace His purposes with ardor and abandonment.

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About The Author


Author, Uncommon Favor (Fedd Books, 2021) Founder, U.S. Israel Education Association (USIEA), which educates US government leaders on Israel, and fosters dialogue and cooperation between the two countries on a variety of important issues. For more than a decade, she’s led Congressional delegations on advanced educational tours of Israel. Founder, JH Israel, from which came the National Leadership Center (NLC) in Ariel, Israel, for Israeli and Arab youth to experience programs in biblical leadership and life purpose. Studied Communications at Auburn University, earned her ThM from Beeson

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