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The Spirit and Power of Elijah is a map and a guide for those whose eyes are wide open to the crisis that faces us in our homes, in our communities in our churches and in our families. The pain of broken homes, dysfunctional families, crime in the streets, poverty and abuse are traced back over 4,000 years to a time when God raised up a man to speak His heart to a generation who had fallen away in error and unbelief. In an examination of the Prophet Elijah's life and ministry, Pastor Reyes allows us to learn from this Old Testament prophet how we can address the issues and the crisis we face today.

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Pastor Luis R. Reyes, is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Church of Joy, a dynamic ministry for children, teens, adults and families located in Waukegan, IL where he serves alongside his wife Tricia and his children Madison and Matthew. In addition to leading the Church of Joy congregation, Pastor Louie is the Founder of Reach A Generation which includes the Church of Joy Sidewalk Sunday School Bible College and School of Ministry, the Sidewalk Sunday School urban outreach, and a myriad of other programs reaching, equipping and empowering the next generation for Christ. With over 20 years of

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