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Is life so busy and chaotic lately that you’ve had trouble finding a moment to simply catch your breath? The good news is Kirsten Watson knows what you’re going through, and she’s got your back.

As a mom of seven kids, wife of a professional athlete and cohost of a popular podcast, Kirsten is often asked by other women, “How do you do it?” They see her with her hands full and wonder, What keeps her going―and smiling―with everything she’s juggling? Kirsten’s answer begins with a simple first step: take a breath. The second step is also simple: lean in and understand that the Word of God gives us the breath we need to handle every situation because when we inhale God’s Word, we exhale peace.

In Sis, Take a Breath, Kirsten offers you:

  • encouragement during the chaos that every day seems to bring;
  • practical life hacks for the moments when it’s hard to take a deep breath;
  • truth from Scripture when it’s hard to find the strength to keep going;
  • relatable personal stories to help live and love well in today’s frantic world.

Discover a new way to exhale deeply through it all and find hope to make it through. Take a breath, sis. You got this.

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About The Author


Author, Sis, Take a Breath (Tyndale Momentum, 2022) Executive Editor, MomLife Today, a blog designed to be an encouraging community of moms Podcast co-host, with her husband, Why or Why Not with the Watsons Co-founder with husband of The One More Foundation, a Christian, charitable and educational organization Graduate, University of Georgia, Marketing and Spanish Married to Benjamin Watson, a 16-year NFL veteran. Together they have seven children.

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