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"Sean Smith is one of a small group of people I know who are qualified to write such a book. Prophetic Evangelism is more than something he does; it is who he is." - Bill Johnson

A life of signs, wonders, and miracles awaits!

When Christians hear the word "evangelism," they are immediately uncomfortable. The call to “share your faith” puts many on edge because, while common evangelism “formulas” feel awkward and impersonal, without them one is left fumbling and ineffective.

But what if there was a better way? What if evangelism could, in fact, be a prophetic encounter with the supernatural voice of God?

In Prophetic Evangelism, author, missionary, and evangelist, Sean Smith reintroduces believers to Jesus' “model” of evangelism: hearing what the Father said, sharing it with those around Him, and witnessing breakthrough results!

Prophetic Evangelism is truly a breaker book – breaking off guilt and fear when it comes to sharing your faith!

In this newly updated and expanded edition, Sean offers the fresh insight he has learned and practiced in the decades since the book's first release.

Discover how to…

  • Receive and release prophetic insight from Heaven.
  • Boldly operate in Jesus’ supernatural power and authority to defeat the powers of darkness.
  • Flow in the “Elijah anointing” and release breakthrough to the most challenging situations and people.
  • Take your place in God’s “end-time awakening” army.

The supernatural life is waiting on the other side of your faith, obedience, and risk. Prophetic Evangelism will activate you to step out, hear the Father’s voice, and respond… with supernatural results!

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About The Author


Author, latest, Prophetic Evangelism (Destiny Image, 2021) Co-director, Sean and Christa Smith Ministries / Evangelist, travelling full-time to equip nations for the next great awakening / Three decades ministry experience in university outreaches, overseas ministry, conferences, Bible schools, and a leader in equipping the Church in prophetic evangelism Married to Christa, two grown children, Brandon and Brittany

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