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Faith and fasting are a combination often overlooked in the Christian world. "Memoirs of a Barren Woman" takes you on the ten-year faith and fasting journey of a woman waiting on God to fulfill a promise.

Celeste’s desire to be a mother burned in her heart, and despite all the odds, would not go away. Doctors told her she could never conceive a child, and the promise from God seemed impossible. Ten years of annual fasting, preceded a specific three-day fast, regarding a medical procedure and two days prior to surgery, Celeste made a last minute life-changing decision. Her life transformed in an instant, and God’s promise was fulfilled.

Whether you are praying for an unsaved loved one, a dream that seems impossible, a marriage that seems broken beyond repair, or something so personal that only you and God know, "Memoirs of a Barren Woman" is a story that will build faith as you wait for your own divine miracle from God.

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