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Guillaume Bignon was a French atheist . . . and he was perfectly happy. He was very successful as a software engineer in finance, a musician, and a volleyball player. Yet a chance encounter with a beautiful woman would change the way he thought about his life and beliefs forever.

Confessions of a French Atheist is the unusual story of Guillaume Bignon a man who didn't need God but who grew to believe in God after he thought through the nature of morality, the relationship between science and faith, the supernatural, and the reliability of the Bible. With rigorous reasoning, remarkable authenticity, and a sense of humor, Guillaume takes the reader on a journey of his innermost questions and surprising discoveries.

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About The Author


Author, Confessions of a French Atheist, (Tyndale Publishers, 2022) Software Engineering Manager Received a Master’s in Biblical Literature from Alliance Theological Seminary in New York; PhD in Philosophical Theology at the London School of Theology Executive committee member of Association Axiome, a society of French speaking Christian scholars Writes in English at and in French at Married to Katherine; Five young children

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