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BRAVE Books and Missy Robertson have partnered together to illuminate the importance of family and unconditional love in our story Because You’re My Family, which tells the story of Fiona, Arthur, and young Valor. After making a bad choice, Valor worries that his parents will never forgive him. But Valor learns that Fiona and Arthur’s love for him is not dependent on the choices he makes but something much deeper.

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About The Author


Author, Because You’re My Family, (Brave Books, 2022) Former star in A & E’s Duck Dynasty Married to Jase; Cofounder the Mia Moo Fund; Launched a jewelry line called Laminin in 2016 which provide jobs for women in the West Monroe area who are in need of work; Children: Reed, Cole, Mia and daughter-in-law Brighton (married to Reed); Karina (not officially adopted, but they consider her their daughter); granddaughter, Merris born November 24, 2021 Missy Robertson has learned to live life in the spotlight as she played an important part in her family’s record-breaking reality television series

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