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Leeland's "The Great Awakening": Music Review

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Leeland's The Great Awakening, without reserve and with great creative clarity, will stir spirits to awaken out of spiritual slumber. Once again, the band's lyrical prowess and fiery passion for God's presence challenges the body of Christ to shine its light to the world.

Each song, in its signature way, takes you on a journey, searching the heart while seeking a deeper understanding of God. This is especially evident in "All Over the Earth"; you can sense the band's authentic response as God's presence descended. The spontaneous praise on this track is reminiscent of worship leader Jason Upton and legendary songwriter Michael W. Smith. This anthem emanates the awe and majesty of our holy and powerful God. The spontaneity of worship is definitely an added bonus.

The Great Awakening remains true to Leeland's musical talent and leanings toward profound lyrics of great spiritual resolve. Unlike their past CDs, this one is Leeland's coming-of-age story, one that will ignite the passion of the listener to be a part of God's "great awakening". 

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