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Josh Wilson's "See You": Music Review

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Best known for "Before The Morning" from his sophomore album, Life Is Not a Snapshot, singer/songwriter Josh Wilson is back with new music.

A few vocals on the new record, See You, are reminiscent of CCM newcomer, American Idol alum Jason Castro. That said, Wilson, who already has two, tried-and-true projects on the market, does fairly well on this new record.

Slow to start, the album picks up pace with "Know By Now", a pop track that matches well with Josh's vocals. Other pop-ish favorites on this record include, "Shine On Us" and "Always, Only You" (a love song Wilson wrote for his wife, Becca). First track, "Sing It", is on the slow side, but standouts as a possible fan favorite.

On the whole, See You is a worthy album, though it does lack a bit of the uniqueness CCM radio needs.

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