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EXCLUSIVE: Hannah Kerr Debuts "Split the Sea" Lyric Video on

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Hannah Kerr is debuting her new lyric video for her brand-new single "Split the Sea" exclusively on That means you're one of the first in the world to watch it!

A beautiful worship song, "Split the Sea" reminds us of the faithfulness of God and the power of His promises. Just as He split the sea for Moses and the children of Israel so they could escape Pharaoh, God is (and will always be) our deliverer.

No matter the sea before you, or the valley you're walking in, have hope. God is with you.

Here's the story behind Kerr's song:

“I wrote 'Split the Sea' in a time when I needed to be reminded that God is who He says He is," she says. "I needed to surrender my situation to Him and know that He can do far more than I can even imagine. When we trust in the Lord’s plan as the Israelites did in Exodus 14, we just might be able to see Him part the waters in our own lives. He always makes a way for us, and 'Split the Sea' is my declaration of that truth.”

Watch the lyric video for Hannah Kerr's "Split the Sea":

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