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Love is a Piece of Cake: Movie Review

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LOVE IS A PIECE OF CAKE is a romance on UPtv about a passionate female baker who’s at risk of losing her grandmother’s bakery. LOVE IS A PIECE OF CAKE is a delightful, uplifting, family-friendly movie with a strong moral worldview stressing marriage, family, good parenting, hard work, forgiveness, love, and sacrifice.

The movie opens as Jessie Dale and her team run a successful event out of Miriam’s Sweet Treats, a bakery in Providence, Rhode Island, that’s been open for 65 years. Howard, Jessie’s enthusiastic business manager, encourages Jessie to change with the times, but Jessie wants to preserve her grandmother’s legacy.

However, Jessie knows Howard is right, so Jessie agrees to start making wedding cakes. The moment she announces the change, she receives her first wedding cake order from Suzanne Cooper, a well-known local fashion designer who will be a high profile client. Suzanne visits the bakery with her widowed brother, commercial real estate agent Aidan Cooper, and Aidan’s 5-year-old daughter, Riley.

Jessie’s excited to start working with Suzanne and offers to give baking lessons to Aidan’s daughter. Although Jessie worries there may be a conflict of interest, Aidan and Jessie begin to spend more time together. Jessie thinks she may be falling in love with Aidan.

Jessie also has her business to worry about on top of her new relationship. Howard informs Jessie that developers are trying to buy her property. Jessie and her team decide to give everything they have into the shop to earn more money and save the building, even if Jessie has to change with the times.

Jessie also receives support from Aidan, but Jessie’s biggest love is seemingly taken from her after an unexpected turn of events. Jessie must face the reality that upholding her grandma’s legacy means baking with the ones she loves, not in the building she loves.

LOVE IS A PIECE OF CAKE is a delightful, uplifting romance. It has a strong moral worldview stressing marriage, family, good parenting, and hard work. Although it has no overt faith elements, the movie extols forgiveness and making sacrifices. Eventually, Jessie learns she loves baking because she loves the people around her. The movie has no really objectionable content. So, LOVE IS A PIECE OF CAKE is a sweet treat that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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